Where is Budapest?

You may have heard of the city of Budapest and wondered where in the world it's located. This article will give you all the answers


Which country is Budapest in?

Budapest is the capital city of Hungary.

Hungary is a country in Europe and a member of the EU.

Where is Budapest on a map?

If you’re looking for Budapest on a map, check the image below.

Budapest is in the north part of Hungary, pretty much in the centre between the east and the west of the country.

To the north is the border of Slovakia, while if you travel northwest, you’ll reach Bratislava and Vienna.


Some interesting facts about Budapest’s location

  • Budapest used to be three separate cities - Buda, Pest and Obuda, that merged in 1873.
  • Budapest sits on the Danube river.
  • Budapest and Bucharest are different cities - although some people confuse them. Bucharest is the capital city of neighbouring country Romania.

How do you get to Budapest?

Budapest has a diverse transport network that connects it both within Hungary and internationally. Budapest also has a major airport - Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport