What is the Hungarian address card (lakcímkártya)?

The Hungarian address card, or lakcímkártya, is a document issued by the Hungarian government to every person registered as living in Hungary. The lakcímkártya serves as proof of address and is required for a variety of purposes.


What kind of document is the lakcímkártya?

The lakcímkártya is similar to an ID card, but it is not considered a form of identification. Instead, it is used to confirm an individual's address, which is necessary for various administrative procedures in Hungary.

The card is paper inside a piece of clear plastic laminate. It includes the person's name, date of birth, and registered address, as well as a unique identification number.

What do you need the lakcímkártya for?

In addition to serving as proof of address, the lakcímkártya also allows individuals to register to vote, access public services, and receive mail. It is an important document for anyone living in Hungary, and it is essential to have one in order to navigate the country's bureaucracy and access various services.

How do you obtain a lakcímkártya?

Obtaining a lakcímkártya is fairly simple. Once you are registered as living in Hungary, you can apply for the card at your local government office.

You will need to provide proof of your address, either showing ownership of the property, or a rental agreement, or a letter from the property owner showing you’re permitted to live there. You’ll also need a valid national ID or passport.

The card is usually issued within a few weeks and is valid for however long you live at the address.