Religion in Hungary - everything you need to know

Hungary is a country with a rich religious history. Catholicism has been the dominant religion in Hungary for centuries, but there are also significant populations of Protestants and Jews


The religious demographics of Hungary

Catholics account for about 54% of the population, while Protestants make up around 15%. Jews are the largest minority religious group in Hungary, accounting for around 0.65% of the population. There are also small numbers of Muslims and Buddhists in Hungary.

The Constitution of Hungary guarantees freedom of religion, and there is no state religion. However, the Catholic Church does receive some state support.

Religious education in Hungary

All children in Hungary receive religious education, regardless of their own religious beliefs. The curriculum is determined by the Ministry of Human Resources and includes topics such as Christianity, ethics, and world religions. Catholic priests often teach these classes.

There are also many private religious schools in Hungary, which are mostly Catholic. These schools receive state funding and are required to follow the national curriculum.

Religious festivals and holidays in Hungary

Easter is the most important religious holiday in Hungary, and many Catholics participate in traditional Easter activities such as fasting, going to church, and decorating Easter eggs. Other popular religious holidays include Christmas, Pentecost, and All Saints' Day.