Hungary plans to invest 270 billion HUF in active tourism in the next years

Published: March 07 2023

Summary: The National Active Tourism Strategy has been completed and is open for consultation until April 12. The strategy foresees the allocation of HUF 63bn to active tourism developments, the goal being the injection of HUF 270bn into the sector by 2030 from EU sources. The survey upon which the strategy is founded indicates that over half of the Hungarian adult population is a potential active tourist, with 54% having reported of having gone hiking, and 58% is planning to go in the future. 34% have already participated in a bicycle tour, and 36% intend to partake in one.

Key points:

  • Consultation on the new National Active Tourism Strategy is open until April 12.
  • €847m from EU sources would be allocated to Hungarian active tourism developments from 2020 to 2030.
  • The active tourism strategy aims to create opportunities and packages for the nearly 50% of the Hungarian population over the age of 15 who practice sport.
  • A national platform called Active Hungary will be established with the aim of presenting all active tourism offerings in one place.

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