Hungarian news website's archive deleted by German hosting company citing unpaid bills by owners

Published: March 07 2023

Summary: The website, owned by Hungarian politician Ungar Peter and former Index journalist Gabor Gerényi, had its archives deleted by its German web hosting service Hetzner Online GmbH due to unpaid bills. The website’s owners had announced it was ceasing operations in August 2020, but its full archive has only now been deleted. The website has been inaccessible since 15 February 2021. The hosting service said attempts to contact the site’s owners failed to result in payment.

Key points:

  • The Hungarian news site's archives have been deleted
  • The German hosting service company, Hetzner Online GmbH, cited the Hungarian site's unpaid bill as its reason for the deletion
  • The owners of the site, Ungar Peter and Gabor Gerényi, announced it was closing down in August 2020
  • The site's archive has been inaccessible since 15 February 2021

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