Hungarian e-commerce at risk of falling behind, webshops face tough choices in the next 5-10 years

Published: March 07 2023

Summary: The Hungarian e-commerce market has grown by 30% during the pandemic crisis, however, it is still behind its neighbouring countries. While Hungarian SMEs are afraid of digitalisation and entering foreign markets, the Czech, Slovak and Polish e-commerce giants have been attracting Hungarian customers. Experts say that Hungarian online retailers are heading for a disaster if they do not keep up with market trends in time.

Key points:

  • Hungarian e-commerce has grown by 30% during the pandemic crisis
  • Compared to neighbouring countries, Hungarian e-commerce still lags behind
  • Hungarian SMEs are behind in digitalisation, online marketing and the establishment of foreign business relationships
  • The crisis may bring opportunities for Hungarian companies to catch up with their international competitors
  • Hungarian online retailers are advised to keep up with market trends to avoid disaster.

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