Gameloft game publisher to close Budapest office

Published: March 07 2023


Gameloft, the video game developer, has announced that it will close down its Budapest office - which was the biggest gaming developer in Hungary - as part of major changes by parent company Vivendi. Although no formal notice has been received, Gameloft employees, who have previously worked on games like City Mania and Dragon Mania, are looking for new opportunities.

Key points:

  • Video game developer, Gameloft, has announced that it is to close its Budapest office.
  • It's parent company, Vivendi, has undergone major changes since its acquisition in 2016.
  • Gameloft's Budapest office was the biggest gaming developer in Hungary with around 90 employees.
  • Current employees received no formal redundancy notice at the time of the announcement.
  • The company has previously worked on games such as City Mania and Dragon Mania Legends.

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