Director of Magyarságkutató Institute dismissed after loss of trust from founder Kásler Miklós.

Published: March 06 2023

Summary: The director-general of the Hungarian Institute for Magyar Studies, Gábor Horváth-Lugossy, has been dismissed after a dispute over the management of the institution. This follows a period of tensions with it's founder and Chief Medical Officer, Miklós Kásler, who had begun to directly manage the institute operations and detected some discrepancies, which Horváth-Lugossy was unable to explain or mediate. These tensions, which reached a head in December of 2019, have now led to Horváth-Lugossy's dismissal, which has already been communicated to him.

Key points:

  • Gábor Horváth-Lugossy, director-general of the Hungarian Institute for Magyar Studies, has been dismissed after disagreement with Miklós Kásler.
  • Miklós Kásler, the institution's founder and Chief Medical Officer had begun directly managing the institute's operations.
  • Tensions had existed between both individuals since November of last year, and in December, Kásler openly disagreed with Horváth-Lugossy at a meeting.
  • The decision to dismiss Horváth-Lugossy has already been communicated to him by the government.

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