Daily rest periods may change for workers or could be added to labor law.

Published: March 07 2023

Summary: The European Court has ruled that daily rest periods cannot be considered equivalent to weekly rest periods in a case brought against Hungarian rail operator MÁV-Start. The case involved a train driver who argued that his right to daily rest had been infringed, as he was not given a separate daily rest break following a night shift. The Hungarian court had enquired whether daily rest could be included in total weekly rest in relation to European Working Time Directive rules.

Key points:

  • A Hungarian train driver brought a case to court against employer MÁV-Start for not providing adequate daily rest breaks
  • The Hungarian court asked the European Court whether daily rest periods can be included in total weekly rest
  • The European Court ruled that daily rest periods cannot be included as part of weekly rest periods
  • The European Court stated that daily rest periods and weekly rest periods are separate ideas with different purposes.

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