11 injured, 1 in critical condition after bus collides with tree in Szeged

Published: March 06 2023

Summary: A bus collided with a tree in the Alsóváros area of Szeged, Hungary, after a car driver failed to give way to the approaching vehicle. Of the passengers on board, 11 were injured, with one seriously injured and three in severe condition. Emergency services were swift to the scene, with seven ambulances, as well as professional firefighters arriving to rescue the trapped driver.

Key Points:

  • A bus collided with a tree in the Hungarian city of Szeged
  • A car failed to give way to the bus at an intersection, resulting in the crash
  • Of the passengers, 11 were injured: one seriously, three severely, and seven with minor injuries
  • Emergency services were called to the scene, with seven ambulances and professional firefighters
  • The driver of the bus was trapped in the vehicle, but was eventually freed by firefighters

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