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Mar 26th 2023

Fuel prices in Hungary may fall below 600 forints per liter, says Mineral Oil Association Secretary
Award-winning film director Jeles András turns to Facebook to find any job, even physical work.
Is it more expensive to watch Sztárban Sztár than Guns N' Roses in Budapest?

Mar 25th 2023

Major strike affecting international trains in Germany on Monday
Meteorological service issues warning for severe storms in several Hungarian cities
Hospitals to fund ethical committees through fines imposed on doctors

Mar 24th 2023

Be aware of fake bill notifications received on email, warns energy company MVM Next
85% of expropriation procedures are completed for the Budapest-Belgrade railway development project
Audi Hungary reaches agreement with union on salary increase
More Than 10,000 Trees Requested by Hungarian Towns for Greening Initiative
Diákhitel Center seeks strategic partners for favorable account services
Beware of fake energy bill notifications from scammers targeting MVM customers
Budapest plans to revive its city center with new radial roads instead of highways, says Mayor Karácsony
Economic Activity Picks Up in Eurozone, but Balance is Still Needed
Using health savings for mortgage payments can increase available funds
Two new solar power plants near Szeged now providing energy for thousands of households
Industrial production thrives in majority of counties and Budapest in 2022
Companies profit off taxpayer-funded loans while banks charge high interest rates and government covers losses.
Road accidents increased by 3.5% in Hungary in 2022, with surprising regional differences
Big Changes Coming to High School Graduation Exams in 2024
Over 8,000 black-market vaping devices seized by tax agency in Hungary
Unemployment Rate Rises in Hungary, Job Market Remains Stagnant
Tax authorities crackdown on illegal car parts and software: Businesses caught using fake customers to conceal sales.
Budapest Plans for More Bike Lanes, Trams, and Pedestrian Crossings on Bajcsy-Zsilinszky Road
Thief rescued from Danube by police after stealing phone from hotel reception desk

Mar 23rd 2023

Protect Blooming Fruit Trees from Frost Next Week
Hungary's economic growth has stalled, says Central Bank Governor
Hungary's per capita GDP approaches EU average, but still behind eight other member states
Forest destroyed around EU-funded canopy walkway, replaced with pavilions and unfinished bathrooms.
Government supports online price monitoring to fight inflation in Hungary
Miskolc Robber Caught by FBI in New York
Foodpanda changes name to Foodora in Hungary and several other European countries
Forint strengthens slightly against major currencies
Hospital debts soar to record levels in just two months
ALDI offers college graduates and beginners a six-figure salary
Postmen petition for fair wages and negotiations from Hungarian postal company
Navracsics Tibor talks about the economic potential of Komárom-Esztergom and Győr-Moson-Sopron and the importance of supporting Budapest to maintain its competitive edge.
New series of government bonds released, offering up to 16% interest rate for beginners with 500 billion forints invested already.

Mar 22nd 2023

Majority of General Practitioners Refuse to Sign New Emergency Contract, According to National Ambulance Service Data
MSZP honours former leader on 100th anniversary of his birth.
USA finds serious human rights problems in Hungary
Government asks cities to hand over specialist clinics, but decision is voluntary

Mar 7th 2023

Watch the Oscars live on Disney+ in Hungary for the first time
Hungarian Prime Minister celebrates March 15th in the birthplace of poet Petőfi Sándor
Banks closing branches by the hundreds
Heart disease and cancer are the leading causes of death in EU countries in 2020
Turkish businessman's family acquires Sopron Bank through Dutch company
Hungary to introduce strict rules on outdoor advertising placement in public spaces
Budapest couple scams nearly 700 people online and causes death of one victim
Visiting Banned at Szolnok Hospital Due to Flu Outbreak
Banks make big profits from high interest rates
Gameloft game publisher to close Budapest office
Small business owners plan to hire more workers in the next year, despite low inflation and wage increases.
Hungary aims to increase the number of students in natural science programs by 2030
Hungary plans to invest 270 billion HUF in active tourism in the next years
Russian and Ukrainian refugee bands to perform in Budapest this spring to promote peace and non-violence
Hungary risks missing out on EU funds due to government's failure to implement key reforms, warns MEP Donáth Anna
Hungarian e-commerce at risk of falling behind, webshops face tough choices in the next 5-10 years
Hungarian giants Szeged and Veszprém to face off for the first time in Europe!
Hungarian news website's archive deleted by German hosting company citing unpaid bills by owners
Hungary's water polo coach aims for first place in upcoming tournament with strong young players
Pedestrian killed in tragic accident with waste truck in Pécs, Hungary
Banks no longer offering free ATM withdrawals for minimum wage earners
New data center in Budapest focuses on cybersecurity
Teachers Union Calls Government's Plan "Damaging" and Violates EU Commitment
Slovak Defense Minister Claims Ukraine Soldiers Are Being Trained in Hungary
Hungarian subsidiary of Danish company offers training and jobs to Indian women as truck drivers in Europe
Budapest bus route 109 cancelled due to low ridership levels
Daily rest periods may change for workers or could be added to labor law.
Four Hungarian astronaut candidates introduced for space mission
Court orders demolition of playground football fields in Cegléd due to noise complaints
Surge in attacks and fare dodging on Budapest taxis this year

Mar 6th 2023

11 injured, 1 in critical condition after bus collides with tree in Szeged
Local politician raises concerns about repeated harassment by homeless man on Gubacsi Avenue
Director of Magyarságkutató Institute dismissed after loss of trust from founder Kásler Miklós.
Hungarian company develops new drone with advanced camera system
Government earns billions extra due to oil sanctions
What to consider when building battery factories in Hungary

Feb 28th 2023

MNB Leaves Base Rate Unchanged at 13%, Hints at Upcoming Rate Cut Cycle
Richter Gedeon Plc Reports Losses After Special Tax Implemented in December
European Commission Approves €89.6 Million Aid to Samsung SDI in Hungary
European Court Orders Hungary to Pay €6,500 to Iraqi Asylum Seeker for Violation of Rights
Tatabánya Men's Handball Team Wins Game Despite Injury to Key Player Topic Petar
Pécs General Court Finds Man Guilty of Assault Causing Death of Elderly Roommate
Stoltenberg Urges Member States to Ratify Finland and Sweden's Accession to NATO

Older news

Feb 27th 2023

Two Visitors to Thailand Confirmed to Have Zika Virus, Mild Symptoms Reported
Forint Strengthens Against Dollar and Euro Ahead of Third Debt Rating Review
NFI Presents "Cella - Life to be Downloaded", a Series of Eight Episodes Set in a Buda Prison Cell Spanning 1849 to 2050
BRFK Reopens Investigation into Tragic Deaths of Two Young Security Guards
Earthquake Measured at 3.3 Magnitude Near Nagydobrony in Transcarpathia
Auchan and Indotek Merger to be Completed by End of February, New Management Structure to Follow
IIB "Spy Bank" at Risk of Insolvency Due to Sanctions Imposed After Russian-Ukrainian War
Zalaegerszeg Secondary Schools Evacuated Following Bomb Scare
MVM Refuses to Buy Cheap Gas Despite Falling Prices on World Market
Pope Francis to Visit Budapest Between 28-30 April, Meeting with Viktor Orbán and Katalin Novák and Celebrating Mass on Kossuth Square
Róbert Adamek, Ex-Lead Singer of Wasted Struggle, Passes Away Due to Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Feb 26th 2023

Velem to Inaugurate Mari Törőcsik Street in Spring to Honor Late Actress of the Nation
Berlinale Jury Charmed by Hungarian Animation "Corner of the Eye" from MOME Student Domonkos Erhardt
Magyar Hírlap Commemorates Jiří Menzel on 85th Birthday Despite His Passing 2.5 Years Ago

Feb 25th 2023

Zsóka Katona Sells Holiday Home in Balatonszem Through Unique Lottery System
Jobbik Movement for Hungary Changes Name to Conservative at Budapest Congress
Prime Minister Gergely Gulyás Announces Extra Profit Tax for Energy, Banking, and Pharmaceutical Sectors in Hungary
Százas Grocery Store Closes After 50 Years in Makó
Márton Tompos Tours Building in Search of Fudan Foundation, Finds No Trace
Gulyás Confirms Negotiations for Purchase of Liszt Ferenc Airport to be Completed This Year
Gulyás Votes for EU Ratification, Despite Unfounded Criticism from Sweden and Finland
Mátyás Hunyadi: Hungarian or Romanian? Two Hundred Years of Conflict Explored
István Veres Takes Military Oath at Hungarian Defence Forces' NCO Academy

Feb 24th 2023

Gábor Rakonczay Sets Record on Hungarian Stretch of Danube in 57 Hours and 48 Minutes
Fatal Accident Occurs Between Nagycserkesz and Tiszavasvári on Main Road No 36, Two Cars Collide with Fatal Consequences
Arbelos Acquires North American Distribution Rights for 4K Restored Version of György Fehér's Iconic Film 'Twilight'
OMSZ: Preparations for New On-Call System in Győr-Moson-Sopron Progressing Well Despite Lack of GP Signatures
Domestic Pension Funds End Quarter in Record Negative Territory, Membership Falling and Ageing Rapidly
Petar Nenadic Leaves Telekom Veszprém, Joins Dinamo Bucuresti of Romania
Budapest and Other Major Cities Show Solidarity with Ukraine on Anniversary of Russian-Ukrainian War
Proposed Hungarian Architecture Law Violates EU Principles and Constitution

Feb 23rd 2023

Tragic Death of Jászai Mari Prize-Winning Actor Tamás Dunai at 73
Man Charged for Crashing into Gödöllő HÉV in Csömör After Admitting Guilt in Preparatory Session
Gabriella Vidus Restructures RTL Hungary, Creates Executive Committee for Strategic and Financial Responsibility
Famous Sculptor Mihály Kolodko Unveils "Forward to the Past" Mini-Sculpture at Keleti Station
Ferencváros Detectives and TEK Arrest Wanted Man for Fraud
XVth District Residents Protest Bicycle Path Plan, Citing Potential Environmental Damage
55% of Hungarian Workers Expect Employer Compensation for Increased Expenses in 2021
PDSZ and PSZ Call for National Teachers' Strike and Indefinite Strike for Vocational Training Workers

Feb 22nd 2023

BKK Increases Airport Ticket Prices Due to Inflation and Weak Euro-Forint Exchange Rate
János Agócs Charged with Accepting Bribes for Resigning as President of National Roma Self-Government
Notary of Budakalász Receives Over HUF 1.6 Million Despite Abuse of Office Suspicions
Budapest City Assembly Adopts Resolution Prohibiting Battery Factory Without Consent of Residents
IMF Analysis Reveals Hungary's High Inflation is Due to Fiscal Spending and Low Interest Rates During Coronavirus Epidemic
Katona József Theatre Celebrates 40th Anniversary with Fusion of Concert and Theatre in Budapest Park

Feb 14th 2023

MVM Next: preferential purchase option for the replacement of old gas boilers in compliance with the European Union's stricter requirements
József Kreul, who emigrated to England after the 1956 revolution, boxed Muhammad Ali and appeared in several films
Hungary Entered Technical Recession at EU Level Last Quarter Last Year

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