How to apply for or renew a Hungarian TAJ card

A TAJ number is the Hungarian social security number and the TAJ card contains your number and acts as proof of registration when you visit healthcare facilities


What is TAJ?

TAJ stands for Társadalombiztosítßsi Azonos Jel. It’s your Hungarian social security number. This proves that you are contributing to the local healthcare system and entitles you to free treatment at hospitals and lets you register with a doctor.

You also get discounts on some prescription medicatio.

Who needs a TAJ card?

Third-country nationals (non-EU/EA) living or working in Hungary for more than 1 year will need one.

If you’re working here for a shorter period you may be covered by your home countries social security program or you can get private insurance.

You’ll also need one if you're an EU/EEA citizen living here and not covered by the EHIC scheme via your home country.

What documents do you need to apply for/renew your TAJ card?

Like most things in Hungary that involve government administration, you’ll need your passport, residence permit, address card, and if you’re renewing your TAJ card, you’ll need to take your old one with you.

Is there an application form for the TAJ card?

Yes, there is.

You can get it online via this link. The form you need is the first one.

Alternatively, you can get it when you visit the NEAK office and fill it in while you wait to be seen.

Where to go to apply for/renew your TAJ card