Hitler's Plot to Kill Governor Miklós Horthy's Grandson and the Untold Story of Survival in Hungary

Published: December 17 2023

This article explores the untold story of survival of István (Sharif) Horthy Jr, the grandson of Governor Miklós Horthy, during World War II in Hungary. István Horthy Jr's experiences and his family's archives shed light on the tumultuous period and provide insight into the personal dynamics within the Horthy family.

István Horthy Jr's Childhood and Arrest

Born in 1941, István Horthy Jr was three years old when he and his father were arrested by the Gestapo and sent to an internment camp in Bavaria. Meanwhile, his uncle Miklós Horthy Jr was held in concentration camps. István's memories of this time, including his connection with his grandfather, are significant to understanding his experiences.

Preservation of Family Archives

István Horthy Jr, now 83 years old, has donated the family's private archives to the National Archives of Hungary. This collection of 7,500 documents spanning from 1863 to 2013 will be available for historians to study, providing valuable historical insights.

Personal Memories and Relationships

In an interview, István Horthy Jr speaks about his memories and relationship with his grandfather Governor Miklós Horthy. Their bond was exceptional and not influenced by political matters. István remembers his grandfather as a kind person, who also exhibited compassion towards others, such as their Polish neighbor.

Nazi Plot and Fear of Return

As an adult, István Horthy Jr discovered that Heinrich Himmler had ordered their execution. This revelation, along with his mother's belief that István's father had been killed by the Germans, instilled fear in him about returning to Hungary. However, their visit to the Hungarian embassy in Jakarta changed his perception, leading to a positive experience and a shift in sentiment.

Life and Legacy

István Horthy Jr pursued a career as a physicist and architect, following the teachings of Subud, an international spiritual group. He currently resides in the United Kingdom with his Indonesian wife, Tuti. Additionally, he mentions that his grandfather, Governor Miklós Horthy, never aspired for a Horthy dynasty to rule Hungary.


The survival story of István Horthy Jr during World War II, his family's donated archives, and his personal memories provide valuable insights into this period of Hungarian history. These accounts shed light on the human dynamics within the Horthy family and contribute to a broader understanding of the impact of the war on individual lives.

Questions & Answers

=== Who is István (Sharif) Horthy Jr? István (Sharif) Horthy Jr is the grandson of Governor Miklós Horthy. He was born in 1941 and is now 83 years old.

Where was István Horthy Jr taken during World War II? István Horthy Jr and his family were arrested by the Gestapo and taken to an internment camp in Bavaria during World War II.

What is the relationship between István Horthy Jr and Governor Miklós Horthy? István Horthy Jr and Governor Miklós Horthy were grandson and grandfather. They had an exceptional relationship that was not political. Miklós Horthy was like a father figure to István and they had a close bond.

Did István Horthy Jr know about the plot to execute him? István Horthy Jr learned as an adult that Himmler wanted to execute him and his family when they were arrested by the Gestapo. It was a revelation to him as his mother believed until her death that his father had been killed by the Germans in the Eastern Front.

Why was István Horthy Jr afraid to return to Hungary? István Horthy Jr was afraid to return to Hungary because he thought that everyone hated him and his family. However, when they needed his original birth certificate to move to the USA, they had to go to the Hungarian embassy in Jakarta. The first secretary at the embassy was kind, and their experience in Budapest was positive.

What are István Horthy Jr's occupations? István Horthy Jr graduated as a physicist and then became an architect. He is also a follower of Subud, a multi-faith, international spiritual group with roots in Sufi Islam.

Where does István Horthy Jr live? István Horthy Jr lives in the United Kingdom with his Indonesian wife, Tuti.

Did Governor Miklós Horthy want a Horthy dynasty to rule Hungary? Governor Miklós Horthy never wanted to become a king, and he did not desire his family to become monarchs either. He did not support the idea of a Horthy dynasty ruling Hungary.