Can you use Uber in Budapest?


No, you can't/Uber stopped operating in Budapest in 2016, but luckily another app called Bolt has taken its place and is just as good.


Is Bolt like Uber?

The easiest way to travel in Budapest these days is to use Bolt. Like Uber and Lyft, you download the app (Apple | Android | Huawei) enter your card details and tap for a ride. Bolt is available 24/7 in Budapest (and other Hungary cities: Debrecen & Pécs) and you'll rarely wait more than a few minutes for your driver to arrive.

Even better, you can use Bolt to get to Budapest Airport.

Is Bolt safe to use in Budapest?

Yes! In Budapest, Bolt drivers are required to be licenced taxi drivers and use cars with a 'Bolt' sign on the roof and painted taxi-yellow. They go through various safety checks by Bolt and are required to follow all the same rules as other taxi drivers in the city.

How much does Bolt cost in Budapest?

Bolt drivers must charge the same rates as other taxi companies and they must use their meter when driving.

Base Fee: 700 HUF

Per KM Fee (when moving): 300 HUF

Per Minute Fee (when stopped/waiting): 75 HUF

There are no extra charges for anything - that includes airport dropoff or pickups, or extra luggage.

How can I pay Bolt in Budapest?

You can add any major debit or credit card in the Bolt app, including foreign cards. You can also use Apple Pay/GPay.

Finally, it is possible to pay with cash, but be sure to have change as your driver is not likely to. And if you select to pay cash, it's not possible to switch.

Should I tip my Bolt driver in Budapest?

It's not necessary or even really expected as Bolt drivers earn the same as other taxi drivers. That said, any tip you give is always appreciated. This can be done with cash, or you can tip via the Bolt app.

Can I just take a taxi in Budapest?

Yes, you can. They can be hailed from the street or booked by phone/website. However, all the usual warnings about taxi scams apply. It's especially important you avoid "Freelancer" taxis (it will say this on their driver side door and they will lack a company logo sign), particularly outside tourist spots.

And a reminder - all taxis have a sign and are painted taxi-yellow. If any other car offers you a ride - avoid!