Can I withdraw Euros from ATMs in Hungary?

Although the Euro isn’t the main curreny of Hungary, it’s widely used and accepted and you can get it easily.


Getting EUR from ATMs/banks in Hungary

Euronet ATMs - which can be recognised from their distinctive red and yellow colours and the fact that they appear inside and outside of many popular tourist attractions and spots - offer both EUR and HUF withdrawals.

Beware, depending on where your bank is based, they may try and force you to use Dynamic Currency Conversion when withdrawing EURs, costing you in fees and a poor exchange rate.

OTP - a major Hungarian bank - also offers EUR withdrawals at some of their ATMs. The main one is at their location near Deák Ferenc Square.

Use OTP’s branch finder tool to find other EUR ATMs in Hungary.

Getting EUR from foreign exchange shops in Hungary

Any exchange shop - of which there are many in Budapest, and other major towns and cities in Hungary - will sell you EUR in exchange for a wide range of global and neighbouring country currencies.

Looking to withdraw USD in Hungary?

Unfortunately, there are no ATMs dispensing dollars, but you can exchange at any foreign currency shop.