All the residential districts in Budapest - and their names

Budapest has 23 districts (ker√ľlet or ker., in Hungarian). The districts are numbered, and many have official names. Each district can be associated with one or more neighborhoods named after former towns within Budapest.


On Hungarian maps and street signs, districts are marked with Roman numerals. Districts can also be identified by the two middle numbers of the four digit postal codes in Hungary. Click here to see Budapest's districts on a map.

A list of all Budapest districts

District 1 (I) - Buda Castle District (Includes: V√°r, Tab√°n, Krisztinav√°ros, southern V√≠ziv√°ros) District 2 (II) - (Includes: Adyliget, HŇĪv√∂sv√∂lgy, R√≥zsadomb, northern V√≠ziv√°ros) District 3 (III) - (Includes: √ďbuda, Aquincum, √ďbudai-sziget, R√≥maif√ľrdŇĎ) District 4 (IV) - √öjpest (Includes: √öjpest, Megyer, K√°poszt√°smegyer) District 5 (V) - Downtown (Includes: Belv√°ros, Lip√≥tv√°ros) District 6 (VI) - Ter√©zv√°ros District 7 (VII) - Erzs√©betv√°ros District 8 (VIII) - J√≥zsefv√°ros District 9 (IX) - Ferencv√°ros District 10 (X) - KŇĎb√°nya District 11 (XI) - √öjbuda (Includes: Gazdagr√©t, Gell√©rt-hegy, Kelenf√∂ld, L√°gym√°nyos) District 12 (XII) - Buda Hills (Includes: Farkasr√©t, J√°nos-hegy, K√ļtv√∂lgy, Sas-hegy, Sv√°b-hegy, Sz√©chenyi-hegy) District 13 (XIII) - (Includes: √öjlip√≥tv√°ros, Angyalf√∂ld, Vizafog√≥, Margit-sziget) District 14 (XIV) - Zugl√≥ District 15 (XV) - (Includes: R√°kospalota, Pest√ļjhely, √öjpalota) District 16 (XVI) - (Includes: M√°ty√°sf√∂ld, Cinkota, R√°kosszentmih√°ly, √Ārp√°df√∂ld) District 17 (XVII) - R√°kosmente (Includes: R√°kosliget, R√°koshegy, R√°koskert) District 18 (XVIII) - (Includes: PestszentlŇĎrinc, Pestszentimre) District 19 (IXX) - Kispest District 20 (XX) - Pesterzs√©bet District 21 (XXI) - Csepel District 22 (XXII) - (Includes: Budat√©t√©ny, Nagyt√©t√©ny, Budafok) District 23 (XXIII) - Soroks√°r